Our Approach

Our Approach

KAMP Hawai‘i programs are currently offered at public schools throughout O‘ahu. Using KAMP Hawai‘i curriculum, State General Learner Outcomes are addressed in each lesson (Self-directed Learner, Community Contributor, Complex Thinker, Quality Producer, Effective Communicator, and Effective and Ethical User of Technology). At the same time, six mentoring programs teach students how to, among many things:

Interact socially
Control emotional behavior
Gain self-confidence and independence
Eliminate violent behavior
Redirect negative attitude

Schools that are interested in working with KAMP Hawai‘i may call (808)744-5335 or email info@kamphawaii.org.

Belief in Self
When you believe in yourself, you’re free to focus on improving yourself and reaching your fullest potential.
Focus on Solutions
People with a positive attitude focus their time and attention on solutions, not problems.
Desire to Give
Nothing has as much positive impact on people as giving to others. "Giving is the highest level of living."
See the Best in Others
You usually see in others what you expect to see. If you constantly expect and see the good things, it's much easier to maintain a positive attitude. People generally rise to meet your level of expectation.
KAMP Hawai‘i Values

KAMP Hawai’i is a place where students develop important values that help set them up for success in life.

Our Programs
Dreams come true for people that stick to their ambitions.
Recognize Opportunity
No matter the circumstance, positive people see opportunities everywhere.
Responsibility for Our Lives