Kids At Risk Mentoring Program (KAMP) Hawai‘i teaches at-risk, economically disadvantaged and special needs children in public schools and at summer outreach programs foundational, character-building, life skills that will help them overcome obstacles and challenges they may face in their lives.

Creating brighter tomorrows, today.

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I promise to be the best I can be, and to always be respectful and considerate to others.

Promise taken by every
KAMP Hawai’i participant

Our Programs

KAMP Hawai‘i programs are currently offered at public schools throughout O‘ahu. We work with youth in one of our six mentoring programs. Through hands-on activities, participants improve social interaction skills, gain self-confidence, demonstrate a positive attitude, and much more. KAMP Hawai‘i instills within its participants ethics, knowledge and an understanding of others to guide them in life.