Special Needs Classroom Outreach Program (2006-Present)

The Special Needs Classroom Outreach Program is aimed at young people who are physically and mentally challenged. The program gives students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in our hands-on program filled with challenges that requires them to cooperate, communicate with fellow students and make decisions based on teamwork. The goal is to help them develop social, learning and motor skills through program activities so that they can be leaders in our communities and learn never to give up! .

The program culminates with a special campout. The campout is a very exciting time for students because they get to participate in activities that normal children participate in. The teachers and volunteers have viewed this activity as very positive. The youth are provided a means of achievement and recognition, personal development, self-help and self-esteem. KAMP Hawaii personnel have a proud working and friendly relationship with students, volunteers and teachers. This program is at the elementary 3rd thru 5th grade level, middle school 6th thru 8th and high school 9th thru 12th. The students participate 4 times a month for a 1hour and 15 minutes for 27 weeks. Schools that are currently active in our Special Needs Program: Aina Haina Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Lincoln Elemen- tary, Nuuanu Elementary, Waianae Middle School, Niu Valley Middle School, Farrington High School, Leilehua High School, Kalani High School, Kaiser High School and Roosevelt High School.

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