Day 11: Kahuku District Park

On June 27 KAMP Hawaii made itʻs way to Kahuku District Park. Youth Mentors kept the youth entertained while they sent out a positive message about how to live a healthy lifestyle. The youth at Kahuku District Park had a blast while they participated in low C.O.P.E course activities.

At KAMP Hawaii summer day camps everybody has fun! Everyday KAMP Hawaii is interacting with youth from different parts of Oahu. Youth mentors learn that you do not have to change the way we conduct our program delivery because the message and games fit any community that we are in.

After lunch special education students from Kahuku Elementary enjoyed the afternoon with KAMP Hawaii. The students had a blast participating in the low C.O.P.E course activities with the Kahuku Summer Fun youth. The smiles on all the kids beautiful faces showed how much they enjoyed participating in KAMP Hawaiiʻs summer Day Camp Program.

KAMP Hawaii stays true to itʻs mission while providing the youth of Kahuku a day that they will never forget.

3 thoughts on “Day 11: Kahuku District Park

  1. Meeting Aaron for the first time and his awesome staff I started off as a Jr Leader/Alu Like Worker at Hauula Summer Fun and enjoyed everything about this program. Now a Sr. Leader/Recreational Aide at Kahuku District Park I always look forward to Kamp Hawaii coming out and just enjoying their company and getting the children of Kahuku active and involved. Thank You.

  2. Thank you so much for impacting and inforcing the educational knowledge of being DRUG FREE to the many students while visiting Kahuku Summer Fun today. I had a blast, my Jr. Leaders had a blast, but most importantly the kids had a blast. The activities were entertaining and FUN. Your staff were on point and took initiative and lead the kids in the right direction. I really appreciate the addition this year with the student individual tracking cards that they needed to complete at each station (40 yard dash/ sit up/ push up/ long jump/ softball throw)
    Mahalo for all you’ve done June 24, 2014 Kamp Hawaii was a success.

  3. This is an excellent program for youngsters. Learning how to live a healthy lifestyle will serve them well as they grow older. It’s great to get these students involved in a program that is fun while teaching them good habits and values. Many thanks to all those who participated in making this day such a great success.

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