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Through our successful year round program, KAMP (Kids At-Risk Mentoring Programs) Hawaii has provided thousands of at-risk youth and special needs children with the opportunity to participate in our Special Needs Classroom, Regular Education Classroom, Alternative Learning Classroom, Outdoor Camping Outreach, and our Summer “Pride and Victory” Outreach Programs annually.

I remember clearly listening to a boy in our program recite the names of the Presidents of the United States in order of their presidency without a hitch and listening to him respond the correct answers when his skills trainer would randomly say a number. He would run back and forth to each of our activities reciting the President’s name corresponding to that number. Suddenly, he sits down next to me and tells me that he wishes everyday was like this where he can just run, laugh and play with his friends because he doesn’t know how long he will be here “I have cancer” says the boy. KAMP Hawaii provides our youth with everlasting, impactful experiences that touch the hearts of our staff and volunteers as well.

Our program approach is prevention oriented using a proven curriculum which focuses on drugs, gangs, bullying and cyber intimidation, and a series of exciting and challenging activities that inspire youth. Most importantly, the goal of our life mentoring program is to build a solid foundation in each child’s life; a foundation built upon ethics, knowledge and understanding that continue to guide a child’s life choices beyond their elementary, middle and high school years.

Like this little boy’s story, our program has its challenges. KAMP Hawaii needs your help to sustain and grow a successful program for the 8,000 at-risk youth and special needs students it’s currently serving. We respectfully ask for your support. Your financial contribution will have twice the impact this year, as it will be generously matched by an anonymous donor for up to $50,000. Please consider your gift to KAMP Hawaii.

With thousands of our community’s youth and teens falling victims to the allure of the streets, KAMP Hawaii is needed now more than ever before.

Mahalo and thank you very much for your consideration! KAMP Hawaii Board of Directors 

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