Day 11: Kahuku District Park

On June 27 KAMP Hawaii made itʻs way to Kahuku District Park. Youth Mentors kept the youth entertained while they sent out a positive message about how to live a healthy lifestyle. The youth at Kahuku District Park had a blast while they participated in low C.O.P.E course activities.

At KAMP Hawaii summer day camps everybody has fun! Everyday KAMP Hawaii is interacting with youth from different parts of Oahu. Youth mentors learn that you do not have to change the way we conduct our program delivery because the message and games fit any community that we are in.

After lunch special education students from Kahuku Elementary enjoyed the afternoon with KAMP Hawaii. The students had a blast participating in the low C.O.P.E course activities with the Kahuku Summer Fun youth. The smiles on all the kids beautiful faces showed how much they enjoyed participating in KAMP Hawaiiʻs summer Day Camp Program.

KAMP Hawaii stays true to itʻs mission while providing the youth of Kahuku a day that they will never forget.

Day 10: Laie Elementary Summer Fun

It was a cool day as KAMP Hawaii youth mentors visited Laie Elementary to put on its program for about 100 kids. It was a day filled with great comments from the leaders, kids, and the summer fun director Reggie Torres.
The kids seemed to love the games and small talks. The day ended with a tug of war game which was a big hit. After the tug of war game KAMP Hawaii played the “Cha Cha Slide”. The got all the kids moving and the youth mentors had a blast with the kids. It was a perfect way to end an awesome, smooth day.
KAMP Hawaii will be at Kahuku District Park on June 27!


Day 9: Waimanalo D.P.

KAMP Hawaii ended the second week of its summer program with a bang at Waimanalo District Park on June 22. About 100 youth had fun with the energetic staff of youth mentors.

During KAMP Hawaiiʻs summer enrichment day camp youth mentors never failed to keep the youth and themselves entertained while spreading a positive message to the youth of Waimanalo. Throughout the day KAMP Hawaii youth mentors showed the kids that you can have fun and enjoy the outdoors while learning about having a healthy lifestyle.


Day 8: Kalihi Complex

On June 21st KAMP Hawaii was back at Kalihi Valley District Park for its 6 annual summer enrichment program. About 250 youth from Kalihi Valley and Kamehameha Field came to enjoy a fun filled day with KAMP Hawaii and its youth mentors who call Kalihi their hometown.

Throughout the day KAMP Hawaii taught the youth of Kalihi about living a health lifestyle. KAMP Hawaii also taught the youth of Kalihi about teamwork, communication, cooperation, leadership, and decision making. These five positive life skills helped the youth overcome all six low C.O.P.E course activities.

KAMP Hawaii youth mentors enjoyed the day giving back to their hometown of Kalihi where the fun and learning never stopped.


DAY 7: Sheridan C.P.

At Sheridan Community Park about 50 youth got to spend the day with KAMP Hawaii on June 20th. The youth enjoyed the low C.O.P.E (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) activities while learning about living a healthy lifestyle.

KAMP Hawaii kept the energy flowing as it headed into the third day of the second week. During the day kids danced to island vibes, Michael Jackson, and One Direction while participating in our low C.O.P.E course activities. KAMP Hawaii never fails to keep the youth moving throughout the day while also having fun and learning to have a healthy lifestyle.

While having fun and teaching kids about leading healthy lives, KAMP Hawaii never fails to stay true to its mission. “KAMP Hawaii will work with our youth in their formative years to build a solid foundation for family, community, state, and country. The investment spent on our youth now, will pay huge dividends in our society and for the future.”

Day 6: Beretania C.P.

On May 19, the youth mentors got to interact with kids from Beretania Community Park in the downtown of Honolulu. KAMP served about 150 at-risk kids and taught them about positive values, and drug and gang prevention.

At first it seemed like the weather wasn’t going to cooperate with KAMP and its youth mentors but it worked out fine as all the kids seemed to enjoy the program. It was perfect weather for a fun filled day.


KAMP Hawaii youth mentors found themselves back in their hometown of Kalihi as the staff took the program to Fern District Park. Over 100 kids got the KAMP experience as they played C.O.P.E (challenging outdoor personal experience) course activities.
This was a good experience for the kids as they got to learn about positive values, and Drug and Gang prevention, from their fellow youth mentors from Kalihi. The youth mentors got the chance to be role models for the kids.
On thursday KAMP Hawaii and its youth mentors will be at Kalihi Valley. The youth mentors will get another chance to be role models for the kids in their community.

Day 4: Waianae District Park

KAMP Hawaii closed its first week of its summer program on Friday, June 15, in front of a group of 200 youth at Waianae District Park.
After 4 days of hard work and fun the youth mentors got a taste of what they are going to be doing for 17 more summer funs. This years summer staff is full of energy.
Next week KAMP Hawaii will be in Kalihi and Waimanalo!


On June 14th KAMP Hawaii made itʻs way to Maili Community Park where KAMP Hawaii interacted and taught over 125 kids ages of 5 – 14. KAMP Hawaii ran 6 program stations where kids learn that all types of drugs and gangs are unhealthy.

KAMP (Kids At-Risk Mentoring Program) Hawaii youth mentors mentored the kids from Maʻili Community Park through our low C.O.P.E (challenging outdoor personal experience) course activities. The kids attention were captured through the use of these activities and then received a strong message about drugs and gang violence. Youth mentors kept the day lively through friendly competition between groups with “saying no to drugs” and learning the haka.

Through the use of KAMP Hawaii activities kids learn the realities of drugs and its harmful effects and that the only gang that they should associate themselves with is with family and true friends!

KAMP Hawaii is about helping kids to choose a healthy lifestyle and helping them in making the right decisions.

Day 2: Makaha District Park

    On June 13, KAMP Hawaii took its program to Makaha District Park to teach the youth there about “Positive Values,” and “Drug Awareness and Gang Prevention.”

    The KAMP Hawaii staff served about 120 youth at Makaha. The youth enjoyed the games and discussions which helped the program to sustain its mission, “KAMP Hawaii will work with our youth in their formative years to build a solid foundation for family, community, state, and country. The investment spent on our youth now, will pay huge dividends in our society and for the future.”

    KAMP Hawaii always follows this mission statement and tries to instill this into every “at-risk” youth. At Makaha, KAMP Hawaii met up with two former youth that used to participate in the program as young kids. Now these two are junior leaders and they have grown to be responsible young leaders.

    Here’s what they had to say about KAMP Hawaii:

    Shaylan Williams states, “I’ve been in Summer fun for a while and KAMP Hawaii has taught me about different kinds of drugs and the different things that can happen to you if you do those drugs. KAMP Hawaii has also taught me how to communicate with others better, how to also have fun while following and listening to different rules. They do activities that requires one another to trust in each other. Well, I like KAMP Hawaii! It’s a pretty good experience.”

    Kayla Magasayo stated, “…KAMP Hawaii is a fun thing to do. I would like to be able to participate in all of the activities again next time. What I learned is that you have to trust them [teammates and leaders]through anything that goes on and when they say something you have to listen.”

    These two girls are just two of the many that have grown through KAMP Hawaii. As KAMP Hawaii’s mission states, “The investment spent on our youth now, will pay huge dividends in our society and for the future.” These youth that KAMP Hawaii reaches now, will one day be the leaders of tomorrow.