Extended Day Camp at Kaimuki H.S.

KAMP Hawaii News Letter
?Life Mentoring Programs?

KAMP Hawaii, ?Life Mentoring Programs? extended the day for 8 well deserving students, volunteers and teachers at Kaimuki High School. Normally these students leave school by special transportation before the rest of the student body. These students are from our Special Needs Outreach Program. And yes they are very special to KAMP Hawaii.

Mrs. Tatafu made a special request that we do a day camp after school hours so that her students would have a chance to experience having an extended stay at school. She was really excited for her students having the opportunity to experience this activity and KAMP Hawaii was just as excited for having this opportunity to serve. When the bell rang ending school for many, our students started to get excited about what was in store for them. The camp started off with the students reciting the KAMP Hawaii Promise. What a great way to get camp underway!

The students began to prepare their dinner by placing hamburger on foil with vegetables, topped with cream of mushroom soup and carefully sealing the foil to keep all of the delicious flavors in. The students then learned how to make a box oven for baking and a tin can for cooking. We cooked bacon and eggs on a tin can which the students ate with rice for an afternoon snack and baked some ono delicious cookies for dessert. The students learned how to boil an egg in a paper cup, and witnessed cooking rice in a paper cup. As part of our cooking demonstration, we also demonstrated cooking a whole chicken by hanging it over some charcoal, cooked rice in a can and stuffed an orange with hamburger to make our meatloaf. The cooking demonstration was filled with flavor and aromas that attracted the baseball team. The students had some time to interact with these curious onlookers and one of the baseball players gave a special needs student a ball. He was thrilled to have that ball. One of KAMP Hawaii?s program keys is community building, bringing students together, athletes, special needs, this was a sight to see.

Then it was off to an initiative game that challenged the student?s motor skills, to work together and to communicate with each other. This was a very fun time and the students were laughing with each other as they all participated. They tried their best to finish this activity. With time remaining before dinner the students experienced shooting a bow and arrow. For many it was their first time experiencing this. One of our students who is confined to a wheel chair had a chance to actually hold the bow and got to shoot several arrows. It was an amazing scene. Her mother was just filled with joy when she heard what had happened.

The bell rang and it was dinner time. Everyone ate their ono-delicious tin foil meal with rice and macaroni salad, and ate their cookies that they had baked earlier in the day. By this time it was already 7pm and with everyone helping to clean up came the end of our day camp. What a great time for all to remember and memories to share with family and friends. The extended day camp came to a close with the putting out of our fire. But the spirit of this event lives on!

Keeping The Fire Burning!!!

KAMP Hawaii
Aaron Kamau, Executive Director
(808) 484-9240

July 12, 2006

Friends of Hawaii Charities Awards $10,000 to

Honolulu, Hawaii ? Friends of Hawaii Charities, Inc. recently awarded $10,000 to KAMP Hawaii. The grant will be used for KAMP Hawaii?s ?Life Mentoring Programs?.

KAMP Hawaii-?Life Mentoring Programs? board of directors and staff would like to extend a big mahalo to Friends of Hawaii Charities for their generous gift. This gift will enable KAMP Hawaii to continue to serve ?at-risk? students and students with disabilities in our communities and to fulfill our mission statement.

KAMP Hawaii objective is to provide programs that mentors at-risk youth from the elementary age to high school youth on Oahu. Our program creates partnerships with local schools, community organizations, churches and businesses. KAMP Hawaii has five distinct programs that have the potential to reach all young people in our society.
Outdoor Outreach Program will provide boys and girls a vast range of experiences unattainable anywhere else. They advance in knowledge of outdoor skills, they experience an appreciation for nature not available in the classroom or on the streets, and they learn to live and work in teams in a camp setting. We also offer specialty and sports camps.
The program activity is to provide the boys and girls with the adventure of camp. This is the culminating activity for the students participating in the Special Needs and Classroom Outreach Program. They get to build shelters, cook in an outdoor setting, and work together as a team, experience new friendships, participates in initiative/cooperative games and activities leaving everlasting memories for all. The activity is conducted by KAMP Hawaii?s staff during March through June and is treated as a field trip by teachers and students. Over the years we have been so successful with providing safe and fun filled camps to the youth of Hawaii.
Alternative Learning Center Outreach Program gives alienated high school students another avenue to continue their education, to develop positive attitudes and to gain self-esteem. Working with students identified within the schools at the beginning of the school year, we provide an on going quality program. We teach positive values, making good choices, positive self view to encourage personal growth in schools, homes and communities. The student gains an understanding as an individual with an awareness of personal feelings, ideas, values, talents and abilities to cope with the problems of life. The one objective is to have the students mentor elementary students in our program by utilizing the KAMP Hawaii curriculum, to have the students serve as camp mentors in our Outdoor Outreach Program during the spring and finally mainstreaming the student back into the classroom with the motivation and determination to function in the traditional school environment.
Special Needs Classroom Outreach Program The Special Needs Classroom Outreach Program is aimed at young people who are physically and mentally challenged. The objective is developing social, learning and motor skills through program activities and highlighted with a special campout. The campout is a very exciting time for students because they get to participate in activities that normal children participate in. The teachers and volunteers have viewed this activity as very positive. The youth are provided a means of achievement and recognition, personal development, self-help and self-esteem. KAMP Hawaii personnel have a proud working and friendly relationship with students, volunteers and teachers.
Classroom Outreach Program provides the students the opportunity to participate in a specialized curriculum based on General Learning Outcome Standards which focuses on self-esteem, social enhancement skills, citizenship, creativity and teamwork. The curriculum is administered by KAMP Hawaii personnel and/or our Alternative Learning Center students during school hours. Students will be taught skills through this specialized curriculum leading up to an intensive camping experience.
Community Sports Education Program focuses on disadvantaged, at-risk youth within our low income communities. The objective is to teach our youth the importance of family and community values, the importance of education, and the role of physical exercise, a healthy drug-free lifestyle, and the discipline and dedication of participating in sports–combined together can build a healthy and thriving community. Athletes from every sport will be selected from Oahu High Schools to be trained by KAMP Hawaii staff in KAMP Hawaii?s curriculum, receive training from Drug and Awareness counselors and Teen Pregnancy counselors to mentor youth in their communities. This concept is designed to promote student athletes. The objective is to keep all student athletes engaged in school for four quarters with passing grades to participate in sports. The goal is to have these student athletes promote sports to younger students, teach students how to become student athletes and how to sustain student athlete status, and be seen as a positive community contributor and role model.

Friends of Hawaii Charities, a federal 501 (c ) 3 public charity, is an all volunteer organization incorporated in 1998 to benefit not-for-profit organizations serving Hawaii?s children, youth, women, and needy. Each year Friends raises funds through a variety of events, including its signature event, the Sony Open in Hawaii PGA TOUR tournament, and the Champions Tour Turtle Bay Championship and the LPGA SBS OPEN at Turtle Bay. For the 2nd year in a row, Friends of Hawaii Charities has distributed $1,000,000 in grants to Hawaii charities. In its eight-year history, Friends and charity partner The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. have distributed $6,000,000 to more than 200 charities. For more information, please call (808) 792-9339 or visit www.friendsofhawaii.org.

KAMP Hawaii Promise
I will do my best to improve myself,
To help my community and my country,
And to obey the rules and laws of the land.
To work with other people,
To keep my body strong, my mind alert, and my language clean.

Composer: Mr. Joseph L. Vierra, Jr.
KAMP Hawaii Project Keeper

KAMP Hawaii – Golf Tournament Recap

KAMP Hawaii-”Life Mentoring Programs” Inaugural Golf Tournament played at Pearl Country Club on July 6, 2006 played host to 153 golfers and 10 Underwriters.
The golf tournament was a huge success under the direction of tournament chair Mr. Elroy Chong, Mr. Shay Yanagi, Mr. Arnold Hirotsu and Mr. Aaron Kamau.
Mahalo to our 10 Underwriters: Mr. Fred Trotter, Occidental Underwriters of Hawaii, SKY Painting Hawaii, First Hawaiian Bank, Group Builders and 5 anonymous donors.
Mahalo to our many prize donors: Kama’ole Sands, Island Air, JW Marriott Ihilani Resort and SPA, JW Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort and SPA, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts Waikiki, ResortQuest Hawaii, Panda Travel, Penske Truck Leasing, Pearl Country Club, Arnold Hirotsu, Tim Davey, National Football League, Visual Creed, Kanoa Kawai, Flora-Dec., Honolulu Federal Credit Union, First Hawaiian Bank, Bank of Hawaii, Murchase Industries, George Kamau, Ryder Truck Leasing and Kamehameha Bakery. Your generous contribution was critical to assuring a positive outcome of the event, and we greatly appreciate your support.

Proceeds from the tournament will enable KAMP Hawaii to sustain its mission to build a solid foundation for family, community, state and country, through the teaching of positive values, teambuilding, and leadership skills directed towards our “at-risk” youth and youth who are specially challenged in the State of Hawaii. Above all, the tournament created a day of fellowship and fun among participants and volunteers.

Again, thank you to all of our Underwriters, Donors, Participants and Volunteers for your invaluable contribution which demonstrates your committment to the “at-risk” youth and specially challenged youth in our communities and KAMP Hawaii’s mission.

We are looking forward to our 2nd Annual KAMP Hawaii-”Life Mentoring Programs” Golf Classic on July 12, 2007 at Pearl Country Club. Mark Your Calendars!!!!!!